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My Jam TV offers artists a unique opportunity to stand out from the crowd. We have established an “open call” and viable venue for talented professionals to submit their work, be fairly chosen, and most importantly be seen. Unlike other video platforms we screen every music video before it airs. This assures our viewers are watching the best of the best. We also limit the number of music videos that play on My Jam TV, so you know that your music will be heard. My Jam TV is what you need to succeed.

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Watch any music channel today and you see all the great musicians and groups from rock classics to today's sounds. What you don't see is tomorrow's music. Why? Because the musicians creating tomorrow's music are not on the air... Until now. My Jam TV is on the air, and all we highlight are new musicians, new bands, and new music that hasn't been discovered yet. Think about it---how many garage bands, singer/songwriters and undiscovered players are out there? My Jam TV is the outlet that gives musicians the opportunity to put their music on TV and in front of the world. We turn you on.


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